Welcome to the School of Electrical Engineering.

The School of Electrical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University is the largest electrical engineering school in Israel, with a staff of over 50 faculty members, over 1000 undergraduate students and over 600 graduate students, including about 150 Ph.D students. The School is part of the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University, listed by the Times of London as one of the 100 best science universities in the world. The School's outstanding faculty includes many who rank among the leading researchers, in Israel and internationally, in their field. Over 30 of them have been recognized as Fellows of the IEEE and other prestigious professional societies, and many members serve on the editorial boards of prestigious academic journals. The School maintains extensive cooperative research ties with prominent institutions abroad and many faculty members collaborate or work closely with Israeli industry. The School's extensive collaborative endeavors with the high-tech industry have been highly instrumental in shaping its constantly evolving study and research tracks.